County Administator's Report of Council Actions

Regular Session Meeting

January 4, 2000

6:00 p.m.

Call to Order - Paul Livingston

Invocation - Jim Tuten

Election of Chair - Kit Smith elected as Chair of County Council.

Election of Vice-Chair - Greg Pearce elected as Vice-Chair of County Council.

Selection of Seats - Council selected seats according to seniority and alphabetical order.

Approval of Minutes

· Special Called Meeting: December 20, 1999 - Approved as submitted.

Adoption of Agenda - Adopted with the addition of a Point of Personal Privilege by Paul Livingston.

Point of Personal Privilege - Paul Livingston thanked Council Members for their support during his tenure as Chair and commended Council for its accomplishments. He also thanked his wife for her support.

Employee Service Certificates - none given.

Report of County Administrator

  1. Y2K - The County Administrator commended County staff, especially the Information Technology Department, for a job well done in preparing for the year 2000.
  2. SCANA Donation - The County Administrator announced that SCANA has provided the County with a check for $150,000 for assistance with funding the Siemens Diesel Technology Inc.ís road improvements, and thanked SCANA for their generosity and willingness to contribute to the Countyís economic development efforts.
  3. Eau Claire Health Center/Palmetto Health Alliance - The County Administrator updated Council on his negotiations with these two organizations. Points of agreement between the Eau Claire Health Center and Palmetto Health Alliance have been developed, and will be presented to the Allianceís Board on January 11th.
  4. FEMA Appeal Process - The County Administrator is working with FEMA to organize a round table discussion on the flood map appeal process. The meeting will be held on either January 24th or 26th. Details will be forthcoming.
  5. Council Retreat - FEMA has offered to make a presentation during Councilís Retreat if Council is interested. The Administrator requested Council to give him direction as to whether Council wants FEMA at the Retreat.
  6. Eastover Magistrateís Office - The County Administrator announced that the County closed on the property today. A ribbon-cutting ceremony will be scheduled in the near future.
  7. Employee Grievance - Council approved the Administratorís recommendation. Action: ADMINISTRATION/HUMAN RESOURCES
  8. Sub-Contract for Solid Waste Collection - The Procurement Director gave a status report on all solid waste collection contracts. The County Administrator reported that because the proposed sub-contractor for area 7 meets all County requirements, he will authorize Cloud Sanitationís request to sub-contract with Johnsonís Garbage Service. Council received this report as information and referred the issue of service complaints concerning Cloud Sanitation to the D&S Committee.

Report of County Attorney for Executive Session Matters - No executive session necessary.

1. Third Reading Item

  1. Budget Amendment for Vehicle Tax Relief - Third reading approval and public hearing given for an ordinance amending the FY 99-00 General Fund Budget to add $20,160.00 from undesignated, unreserved General Fund Balance to provide additional funding needed to re-program the Auditorís Office computer system to comply with the new state car tax credit legislation. Action: FINANCE/AUDITOR/PROCUREMENT

2. Second Reading Item

  1. 99-047MA, Gerald Steele, from RU to C-3, Dutch Fork Road - Deferred until County Attorney reviews allegations contained in lawsuit filed by residents dealing with public notification of this rezoning request. Info: PLANNING/LEGAL

3. Citizen's Input - no one spoke.

4. Motion Period

Scott - Made motion to direct the County Administrator to schedule a meeting with interested Council Members and Tarmac to discuss rerouting the truck traffic away from the Olympia Mills.

Meetze - Motion made to refer to the D&S Committee the issue of the recent apartment fires and whether inspections need to be tightened in order to prevent further incidents.

5. Adjournment