County Administrator's Report of Council Actions

Regular Session Meeting

January 18, 2000

6:00 p.m.

Call to Order - Kit Smith

Invocation - Jim Tuten

Citizen's Input - Several citizens spoke to issues on the agenda.


Richland County Public Library Presentation - Representatives of the library showed a video of promotional ads that will be used to launch a public marketing campaign.

Homeless and Hunger Week Poster Contest Winners - Kit Smith presented certificates to the students who won first, second and third place in the contest.

Report of Community Care Home Committee - Mullen Taylor presented the Committee’s report dealing with its search for a comparable alternate site for a community care home. No selection of a comparable site was made; consequently, the operator of the proposed facility, Ms. Rebecca Elliott, can move forward with the Park Street site without further proceedings.

Approval of Minutes

· Regular Session Meeting: January 4, 2000 - Approved as corrected.

Adoption of Agenda- Adopted with the addition of the community care home issue, addition of FEMA meeting, Retreat evaluations, and Solid waste contracts under the County Administrator’s Report, and the deletion of Employee Service Certificates.

Report of County Administrator

  1. FEMA Meeting - An Assistant County Administrator reminded Council of the FEMA Meeting scheduled on Monday, January 24th, from 9-4 at the State Museum.

  2. Retreat Evaluations - An Assistant County Administrator reminded Council Members to complete and return the evaluation forms pertaining to the Council Retreat. Forms can be returned to either Tony McDonald or Michielle Cannon-Finch.

  3. Solid Waste Contracts - An Assistant County Administrator reported that the County has met with Cloud Sanitation to discuss service deficiencies and ways to resolve them. If Council wishes to hear more details, then an executive session is needed.

Report of County Attorney for Executive Session Matters - The County Attorney reported that a contractual matter pertaining to Cloud Sanitation is an executive session item.

1. Second Reading Item

  1. 99-047MA Gerald Steele, from RU to C-3, Dutch Fork Road - Second reading approval given. Info: PLANNING

2. Approval of Policy for Implementing and Operating the Proposed Discretionary Grant Fund Program - Referred to Administration and Finance Committee for review. Action: ADMINISTRATION/FINANCE

3. Community Care Home - Council requested the County Attorney to clarify with DHEC the issue of any regulation it may have regarding density of community care homes and also to clarify with the City of Columbia the issue of whether jurisdiction of the Park Street site belongs to the City or County.

3. Executive Session
  1. Contractual Matter; Cloud Sanitation - Received a plan of action as information and requested a status report in two weeks. Action: ADMINISTRATION/SOLID WASTE

4. Citizen's Input - No one spoke.

5. Motion Period

Meetze - Motion made to refer to the D&S Committee an ordinance concerning mobile homes.

7. Adjournment