County Administrator's Report of Council Actions

Regular Session Meeting

February 1, 2000

6:00 p.m.

Call to Order - Kit Smith

Invocation - Jim Tuten

Citizen's Input - Citizens spoke to agenda items.

Approval of Minutes

· Regular Session: January 18, 2000 - Approved as submitted.

Adoption of Agenda - Adopted as submitted.

Employee Service Certificates - none given.

Report of County Administrator

  1. Solid Waste Collection Complaints - The County Administrator reported that complaints concerning Cloud Sanitation have been greatly reduced. Cloud has received assistance from other collectors in catching up with collections. The inclement weather last week created an unanticipated delay in garbage pick-up; however, Cloud worked over the weekend to make up the delay.
  2. Womens Marathon Celebration - February 26th?

Report of Clerk of Council

  1. New Employee - The Clerk of Council recognized Ms. Monique Walters as a new employee of the Clerk's Office, filling the vacancy left by the departure of Ms. Sharon White.

Report of County Attorney for Executive Session Matters - No executive session necessary.

1. Third Reading Item

  1. 99-047MA, Gerald Steele, from RU to C-3, Dutch Fork Road - Third reading approval. Action: PLANNING/LEGAL

2. Report of Development and Services

  1. Conveyance of sewer lines to the City of Columbia for Phase I of the Haskell Heights Sewer Project - First reading approval of an ordinance authorizing the conveyance of constructed sewer lines in Haskell Heights to the City of Columbia. Info: LEGAL/ UTILITIES
  2. Approval of expenditure to continue the engineering and design of the Broad River Rowing Facility - Approved extension of contract with Power Engineering in the amount of $60,000 to continue with Phase II of the Broad River Rowing Facility. Action: PUBLIC WORKS/PROCUREMENT
  3. Purchase of two Ford F350's for the Solid Waste Collection Division - Approved the purchase of these trucks in the amount of $38,001.52 to replace two old trucks. Action: SOLID WASTE/PROCUREMENT
  4. Ordinance amendment to the zoning code (deletion of special exception for commercial uses in rural zones) - First reading approval of an ordinance deleting the special exception for commercial uses in rural zones. Info: PLANNING/LEGAL
  5. Quit-Claim Deed to relinquish Richland County's interest in Robertson Creek Road - First reading approval to an ordinance authorizing the execution of a quit-claim deed from Richland County to the Robertsons. Council further directed the County Attorney to determine the location of the road in order to determine whether all affected property-owners are involved. Info: PUBLIC WORKS/LEGAL
  6. Committee agenda format - Received the new format as information. Info: ADMINISTRATION

3. Report of Administration and Finance Committee

  1. Contract for collection of elevation data and aerial imagery - Approved negotiation and award of contract to a vendor chosen by a RFP process to collect elevation data and aerial imagery as foundation layers of the County GIS Initiative. Action: INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY/PROCUREMENT
  2. Purchase of 4 Chevy Impalas for Sheriff's Department - Approved purchase in the amount of $92,821.12 for vehicles and corresponding equipment for the criminal investigative division. Action: SHERIFF/PROCUREMENT
  3. Purchase of 4 Chevy Impalas for Sheriff's Department - Approved purchase in the amount of $97,021.12, to be funded from traffic enforcement grant for vehicles and corresponding equipment for traffic patrol. Action: SHERIFF/PROCUREMENT
  4. Computer enhancements for the Treasurer's Office - Approved a contract with CSRA Computer Services in the amount of $43,500 for system enhancements to improve office efficiency. Action: TREASURER/PROCUREMENT
  5. General Obligation Bonds for Midlands Technical College - First reading approval of an ordinance authorizing the issuance of a general obligation bond in the amount of $2,000,000 on behalf of Midlands Technical College for the purpose of providing an additional $1.5 million for construction of the Northeast Technology Center and $500,000 to refund existing bonds. Info: FINANCE/LEGAL
  6. Amendment to the Recreation Commission's Bond Ordinance - First reading approval of an ordinance amending the Recreation Commission Bond Ordinance to transfer $420,000 from funds to be used to purchase property to an adult activity center on Parklane Road. Info: LEGAL
  7. Proclamation honoring Eagle Scout Andrew D. Woodham, III - Approved proclamation. Action: ADMINISTRATION/CLERK OF COUNCIL
  8. Discretionary Funding Policy - Scheduled a public hearing on Wednesday, February 23 from 6-7 pm, followed by a Council work session from 7-8 pm to discuss the proposed process. Action: ADMINISTRATION/CLERK OF COUNCIL
  9. Budget calendar - Adopted as amended. Action: FINANCE
  10. Audit presentation - Scheduled presentation from County's auditors during Council's February 15th Council Meeting. Action: FINANCE/CLERK OF COUNCIL
  11. Committee agenda format - Received as information. Info: ADMINISTRATION

4. Report of Rules and Appointments Committee: Notification of Openings

  1. Accommodations Tax Advisory Committee - Council was notified of 6 vacancies.
  2. Grievance Committee - Council was notified of 1 vacancy.
  3. Historic Columbia Foundation - Council was notified of 1 vacancy.
  4. Planning Commission - Council was notified of 1 vacancy. Council directed the County Attorney to research the possibility of allowing interim appointments to the Planning Commission to fill temporary absences of a Commissioner on extended military leave. Action: LEGAL

5. Citizen's Input - no one spoke.

6. Motion Period

Smith - Made motion to direct the Clerk of Council to put on Council's calendar all events to which Council is invited.

Smith - Moved to hear half of the 25 pending zoning changes on the regularly scheduled Zoning Public Hearing on February 22nd, then recess the Public Hearing until Thursday, February 24th at 6:00 pm to hear the remaining cases. Motion carried. Action: PLANNING/CLERK OF COUNCIL

Smith - Moved to schedule a work session on Thursday, February 24th from 4 to 6 pm to discuss pending matters. Motion carried. Action: ADMINISTRATION/CLERK OF COUNCIL

Scott - Directed the County Administrator to develop an administrative directive to all departments that requires all employees to notify the County Administrator if a supoena has been served upon them.

Tuten - Motion made to include the Administration and Finance Committee in the in-briefing of the Auditors.

7. Adjournment