County Administrator’s Report of Council Actions

Regular Session Meeting

October 3, 2000

6:00 p.m.


Call to Order: Kit Smith

Invocation: Jim Tuten

Presentation: Council Member Susan Brill presented Resolutions commending David Snyder and Robert Frisina for their achievement of the ranking of Eagle Scout.

Adoption of Agenda: Adopted as revised to include Consideration of Consent Agenda as item 1, and Purchase of Voting Machines as an item under Administration & Finance Report.

Citizen’s Input: Several citizens spoke to items on the agenda.

Approval of Minutes

Regular Session, September 19, 2000 – Adopted as submitted.

Zoning Public Hearing, September 26, 2000 – Adopted as submitted.

Report of County Attorney for Executive Session Matters – No items named as requiring an executive session.

Report of County Administrator

  1. Status of negotiations with City regarding C&D Landfill – The County Administrator reported that negotiations are ongoing with the City. The County Administrator has notified the City Manager that the County C&D Landfill is approaching capacity and that the City needs to either divert its waste from the County Landfill or pay the gate price.
  2. Consultant to review security issues at Detention Center – The County Administrator reported that he has appointed Mr. David Parrish to provide an assessment of current security measures in place at the Detention Center. Mr. Parrish will issue a report in 9-10 days.

1. Consideration of Consent Agenda Items

  1. Adoption of New Ordinance: GIS Data Management – First reading given to this ordinance establishing policies regarding information distribution and data sales. Info: Legal/Information Technology
  2. Award of Contract: NPDES Permit Implementation – Approved extension of contract to Ogden Environmental and Engineering Services for the implementation of the NPDES permit and award of contract to Woolpert LLP for inventory and mapping of the County’s stormwater outfall system, contingent upon legal review of contracts. Action: Public Works/Procurement
  3. Approval of Quit-Claim Deed for Arlene Drive – First reading approval to a quit-claim deed for the abandoned portion of Arlene Drive. Info: Legal/Public Works
  4. Award of Contract: Phase II of the Atlas Road Sewer Project – Approved contract award to Trussell Brothers Construction, Inc., for Phase II of the Atlas Road Sewer Project in the amount of $756,953.00, plus a 2% contingency. Action: Procurement/Utilities
  5. Resolution: Reverend Dr. Jordan D. Smith – Approved Resolution. Action: Clerk Of Council
  6. Auditor, Treasurer: Budget Amendment for Reimbursement from DOR – First reading approval of a budget amendment to allocate funds in a total amount of $17,356.00 received from the Department of Revenue to the Auditor, Treasurer and Non-Departmental budgets. Info: Auditor/Treasurer/Finance
  7. Planning: 1999 National Electrical Code – First reading approval of the adoption of the 1999 National Electrical Code. Info: Planning/Legal
  8. Planning: Ordinance Amendment for Code Enforcement Officers – First reading approval of an amendment to the procedure for appointing code enforcement officers. Info: Planning/Legal
  9. Legal: Optional Holiday Ordinance Repeal – First reading approval of this amendment to repeal the optional holiday provision due to Council’s approval of Martin Luther King Day as a County holiday. Info: Legal/Human Resources
  10. Procurement: Purchase of Crushed Stone Products – Approved a renewal of contract with Tarmac Mid-Atlantic for the purchase of crushed stone for road maintenance projects. Action: Public Works/Procurement
  11. Procurement: Cost Per Copy Services – Approved an award of contract to Minolta Corporation for copiers for County departments. Action: Procurement
  12. Detention Center: Contract Renewal with Bradley Wholesale Meat – Approved contract renewal to Bradley Wholesale Meat in an amount up to $350,000 for FY 00/01. Action: Detention Center/Procurement
  13. Detention Center: Lightening Protection Contract – Approved purchase of lightening protection services in the amount of $157,000 from Alltec Corporation. Action: Detention Center/Procurement
  14. Community Development: Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week – Approved a Proclamation recognizing November 12-18, 2000 as Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week. Action: Administration/Clerk Of Council
  15. Riverbanks Zoo: Budget Amendment for Budget Correction – First reading approval given to this amendment adding $197,807.00 to the Zoo budget to correct an oversight made by the Finance Department. Info: Finance
  16. New Full-Time Position for the Treasurer’s Office – First reading approval given to a new full-time position for the Treasurer’s Office. Info: Treasurer/Human Resources

2. Third Reading Items

  1. 01-03TA, Mobile Homes – Third reading approval given to this ordinance amendment to the County’s Zoning Code replacing the term "mobile home" with "manufactured housing." Action: Legal/Planning
  2. 01-04TA, Add Adult Day Care as Defined Use – Third reading approval given to this ordinance amendment to the County’s Zoning Code to define "adult day care" and provide for appropriate conditions for granting that use. Action: Planning/Legal
  3. 01-07TA, Deletion of Special Exception, Commercial Uses in Rural Zones – Deferred. Info: Planning/Legal

3. Second Reading Items

  1. 00-11MA, Horace Stephenson, from RD-3 to C-1, 312 Sharpe Road -– Second reading approval given to this rezoning request. Info: Legal/Planning
  2. 01-02MA, Harold Pickrel, from RG-2 to C-3, NE/S Dawson Road - Second reading approval given to this rezoning request. Info: Legal/Planning
  3. 01-04MA, Stewart Mungo, from PUD to Amended PUD, 732 and 740 Koon Road - Second reading approval given to this rezoning request. Info: Legal/Planning
  4. 01-05MA, Athenia Fraizer, from RS-2 to MH-2, Winnfield Road - Second reading approval given to this rezoning request. Info: Legal/Planning

4. Report Of Development And Services Committee

  1. Directive to Proceed with Sease Road Construction Project – Deferred until November 14th Council Meeting so that a cost analysis can be completed on options 3, 5 and the current project cost. Action: Public Works

5. Report Of Administration And Finance Committee

  1. Millage Presentation – Received as information. Info: Auditor/Finance

Approval of Purchase: Voting Machines – Approved purchase of 55 used Microvote Direct Recording Electronic voting machines, contingent upon proper adherence to procurement regulations. Action: Election Commission/Administration/Procurement

6. Report 0f Rules And Appointments Committee

  1. Appointments to the Richland County Airport Commission – Appointed Mr. John C.B. Smith and Mr. Billie E. Turner to fill two of the three vacancies, and directed the Clerk to readvertise for the remaining vacancy. Action: Clerk Of Council
  2. Appointments to the Building Board of Adjustment and Appeal – Due to the lack of applications, directed the Clerk to readvertise for the remaining vacancy. Action: Clerk Of Council
  3. Appointments to the Midlands Commission on Homelessness - Due to the lack of applications, directed the Clerk to readvertise for the remaining vacancy. Action: Clerk Of Council
  4. Appointment to the Richland Memorial Hospital Board – Deferred to the next Council Meeting so that legal advice can be rendered. Action: Legal/Clerk Of Council
  5. Appointment to the Zoning Board of Adjustments – Appointed Mr. Terry Brown. Action: Clerk Of Council
  6. Notification of Vacancy on Board of Assessment Appeals – Received as information. Action: Clerk Of Council

7. Citizen’s Input – Several citizens spoke. Additionally a presentation from Detention Center employees was heard, during which a request was made to name the Juvenile Facility as the Alvin S. Glenn Juvenile Facility.

8. Motion Period/Announcements

  1. Scott – Moved to refer Detention Center request for naming Juvenile Facility to D&S Committee. Action: Administration
  2. Scott – Moved to refer Columbia City Jazz presentation to A&F Committee. Action: Administration
  3. Smith – Announced that FEMA invited the County to attend a meeting with Columbia Venture, Lexington County and City Columbia on Wednesday, October 4th at 10:00 in Washington D.C.
  4. Pearce – Moved to schedule a Special Called Meeting on Thursday October 5th at 12:00 to give third reading to the millage ordinances. Action: Clerk Of Council

9. Presentation By Sheriff’s Department – Chief Harrell provided an update on the search for the escapee from the Detention Center.

10. Adjournment