Archived County Council Agenda
Note: County Council meets every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month.

Richland County Council
Special Called Meeting
July 25, 2000
6:00 P.M.

Call to Order


Adoption of Agenda

Citizen's Input

Presentation of Proclamations

a. Dr. Andrew Chisolm
b. Ms. Bernice Skinner

Report of County Attorney for Executive Session Matters

a. Report of County Administrator's Evaluation
b. Economic Development - Contractual Matter

Report of County Administrator

Public Hearing

a. Time Warner Franchise Renewal

1. Consideration of Consent Agenda Items

Third Reading Consent Items

a. 00-035MA
Jimmy Brown
From RG-2 to C-3
TMS 14103-03-14
4011 Baldwin Road [Page 2]

b. 00-037MA
Bruce Shealy
From C-1 to M-1
TMS 14303-02-23
7506 Wilson Blvd. [Page 3]

Second Reading Consent Items

a. An Ordinance to authorize Multi-Park Agreement with Blue Cross and Blue Shield [Page 4]

b. Amendment to the Richland County Code - Adult Day Care Facilities [Pages 5-8]

c. Amendment to the Richland County Code - Standards for Manufactured Homes [Pages 9-10]

d. Amendment to the Richland County Code - Animals and Fowl [Pages 11-12]

e. Recreation Commission: Amendment to the Bond Ordinance [Pages 13-24]

f. Legal: Ordinance amendment regarding business licenses [Page 25]

Third Reading Items

a. 00-38MA, Ronald Safko, From RU to PUD-1R, TMS 14800-05-24, 25 & 27, 1024 Hollis Pond Road
[Page 26]

b. 99-025MA, Leonard Johnson, From RS-1 to C-3, TMS 07700-03-30 & 31, 933 Heyward Brockington Road [Page 27]

Second Reading Items

a. Amendment to the Richland County Code - Board of
Zoning Appeals [Pages 28-30]

b. Amendment to the Richland County Code Agricultural Burning Ordinance [Page 31]

Report of Development and Services Committee
[Page 32]

a. Ordinance Amendment: Noise [Page 33]

b. Ordinance Amendment: Parking in Residential Zones [CONSENT ITEM] [Page 34]

c. Amendment to the Richland County Code: Billboard Ordinance [Pages 35-37]

d. Approval of purchase of road maintenance equipment

e. Award of engineering contract for Broad River Wastewater Plant

f. Contract renewal with Waste Management, Inc.

Report of Administration and Finance Committee [Page 38]

a. Finance: Budget Amendment to Increase Mini Bottle Revenue [CONSENT ITEM]

b. Register of Deeds: Renewal of Software Service Maintenance Agreement [CONSENT ITEM]

c. EMS: Grant Award [CONSENT ITEM]

d. Grants: JEDA Grant Conduit for Southerly's, LLC

e. Procurement: Contract Renewals

f. Detention Center: Diamond Pharmacy Services Contract

Approval of Discretionary Grant Program Funding Awards [Pages 39-41]

Report of Accommodations Tax Committee

Report ofEconomic Development Committee [Page 42]

a. Consideration of Resolution for Project Rose

b. Consideration of Project List for Federal Economic Development Administration

c. Consideration of Incentives for Blanchard Machinery

d. Consideration of Inducement Resolution for Wadley Donovan 3

Approval of Resolution

a. Identifying Resolution for Triton, PSC Inc. [Pages 43-44]

Citizen's Input

Motion Period