Archived County Council Agenda
Note: County Council meets every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month.

Richland County Council
Regular Session
October 3, 2000
6:00 p.m.

Call to Order



Adoption of Agenda

Citizen's Input

Approval of Minutes

September 19, 2000: Regular Session [Pages 2-7]

September 26, 2000: Zoning Public Hearing [Pages 8-11]

Report of County Attorney for Executive Session Matters

Report of County Administrator

1. Third Reading Items

a. 01-03TA
Mobile Homes [Page

b. 01-04TA
Add Adult Day Care as Defined Use [Page

c. 01-07TA
Deletion of Special Exception Commercial
Uses in Rural Zones

2. Second Reading Items

a. 00-11MA
Horace Stephenson
From RS-3 to C-1
TMS 11905-05-06
312 Sharpe Road

b. 01-02MA
Harold Pickrel
From RG-2 to C-3
TMS 17015-01-02(P)
NE/S Dawson Road

c. 01-04MA
Stewart Mungo
From PUD to Amended PUD
TMS 04100-04-01(P) & 02
732 & 740(P) Koon Road

d. 01-05MA
Athenia Fraizer
From RS-2 to MH-2
TMS 16212-13-01, 02, 03, 05, 07, & 08
Winnfield Road

3. Report of Development and Services Committee

a. Adoption of new Ordinance: GIS Data Management
[Consent Item]

b. Amendments to the Richland County Code: Commercial
Uses in Rural Zones

c. Award of Contract: NPDES Permit Implementation
[Consent Item]

d. Approval of Quit Claim Deed for Arlene Drive
[Consent Item] [Page ]

e. Directive to proceed with Sease Road Construction Project

f. Award of Contract: Phase II of the Atlas Road Sewer Project
[Consent Item]

4. Report of Administration and Finance Committee

a. Resolution: Reverend Dr. Jordan D. Smith
[Consent Item]

b. Auditor, Treasurer: Budget Amendment for Reimbursement from DOR [Consent Item]

c. Planning: 1999 National Electrical Code
[Consent Item]

d. Planning: Ordinance amendment for Code Enforcement Officers [Consent]

e. Legal: Optional Holiday Ordinance Repealed
[Consent Item]

f. Procurement: Purchase of Crushed Stone Products
[Consent Item]

g. Procurement: Cost per copy copier services
[Consent Item]

h. Sheriff's Department: Towing/Storing Fees

i. Detention Center: Contract Renewal with Bradley Wholesale
Meat[Consent Item]

j. Detention Center: Lightning Protection Contract
[Consent Item]

k. Community Development: Hunger & Homelessness Awareness
Week [Consent Item]

l. Riverbanks Zoo: Budget Amendment for Budget Correction
[Consent Item]

m. New Full-Time position for the Treasurer's office
[Consent Item]

n. Millage Presentation

5. Report of Rules and Appointments Committee

a. Appointments to the Airport Commission-3

b. Appointments to the Building Board of Adjustments and Appeals-2

c. Appointments to the Midlands Commission on Homelessness-3

d. Appointment to the Richland Memorial Hospital Board-1

e. Appointment to the Zoning Board of Adjustments-1

f. Notification of vacancy on the Board of Assessment Appeals-1

6. Citizen's Input

7. Motion Period/Announcements

8. Adjournment