Archived County Council Agenda
Note: County Council meets every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month.

Richland County Council
Regular Session
November 14, 2000
6:00 p.m.

Call to Order


Adoption of Agenda

Citizen's Input

Approval of Minutes

Regular Session: October 17, 2000 [Page 2-11]

Approval of Consent Items

Report of County Attorney for Executive Session Matters

Report of County Administrator

a. Interim Ordinance review re: Comprehensive Land Use Plan [Page 12]

1. Third Reading Items

a. Approval of Quit Claim Deed for Arlene Drive
[Consent Item/Public Hearing] [Page 13]

b. Auditor, Treasurer: Budget Amendment for Reimbursement
From Department of Revenue [Consent Item/Public Hearing] [Page 14-15]

c. Planning: 1999 National Electrical Code [Consent Item/Public Hearing] [Page 16]

d. Planning: Ordinance amendment for Code Enforcement Officers [Consent Item/Public Hearing] [Pages 17-18]

e. Legal: Optional Holiday Ordinance Repealed
[Consent Item/Public Hearing]
[Page 19]

f. Sheriff's Department: Towing/Storing Fees
[Consent Item/Public Hearing]
[Pages 20-21]

g. Riverbanks Zoo: Budget Amendment for Budget Correction [Consent Item/Public Hearing]
[Pages 22-23]

h. Adoption of new ordinance: GIS Data Management
[Consent Item/Public Hearing]
[Pages 24-27]

i. Increase Board of Zoning Appeals Members and
Clarify Results of Voting [Pages 28-29]

2. Second Reading Item (from Council Meeting on September 5, 2000)

a. Noise Ordinance [Page 30]

3. Second Reading Items (from Zoning Public Hearing 10/24/00)

a. Deletion of Clubs & "Facilities' as permitted uses in rural zones [Page 31]

b. Zoning Administrator authorized to continue a request [Page 32]

c. Division of Isolated Parcels [Page 33-34]

d. Buildings and lots to have access [Pages 35-36]

4. First Reading Item

a. SpiralWeld Pipe Company LLC - Resolution and Ordinance [Pages 37-39]/40-44]

5. Item Deferred from Development and Services Committee on October 3, 2000

a. Directive to proceed with Sease Road Construction Project [Pages 45-50]

6. Report of Development and Services Committee [Pages 51-52]

a. Amendment to the Richland County: Deletion of "Facilities" in Rural Zones [Consent Item]

b. Amendment to the Richland County Code: Buildings/Lots to have access [Consent Item]

c. Amendment to the Richland County Code: Plats exempt from Commission Review [Consent Item]

d. Amendment to the Richland County Code: Continuation of Zoning Applications [Consent Item]

e. Amendment to the Richland County Code: Classification of Mobile Homes [Consent Item]

f. Budget Amendment: Broad River Regional Enterprise Fund
[Consent Item]

g. Richland County Landfill Redesign of Phase IV
[Consent Item]

h. Increase in tipping fee for Waste Management Landfill

i. Increase in Solid Waste Tire Disposal Fee

j. Contract renewals for Solid Waste

k. Approval of Regional Transit Authority Agreement
[Pages 53-63]

7. Report of Administration and Finance Committee [Pages 64-65]

a. Baseball Team Recognition [Consent Item]
[Page 66]

b. Planning, Business License: Detective Agency Application
[Consent Item]

c. IT: Software Maintenance and Support Contract Renewal [Consent Item]

d. IT: Addendum to GIS Data Contract [Consent Item]

e. County Council: Elected Officials Pay Plan

f. Detention Center: Resolution to rename Detention Center [Consent Item] [Page 67]

g. Detention Center Expansion

h. Detention Center: Purchase of Two Vehicles [Consent Item]

i. Risk Management: Workers' Comp. Deductible Option [Consent Item]

j. Magistrates: Part-time Magistrates' official hours/county benefits

k. Columbia City Jazz Company

8. Report of Rules and Appointments Committee [Page 68-69]

a. Airport Commission-2 [Pages 70-79]

b. Board of Assessments and Apeals-1 [Pages 80-81]

c. Notification of Vacancy on the Building Board of Adjustment and Appeal-3

d. Notification of Vacancy on the Conservation Commission-6

e. Notification of Vacancy on the Historic Columbia Foundation -1

f. Notification of Vacancy on the Midlands Commission on Homelessness-3

g. Notification of Vacancy on the Planning Commission-1

9. Citizen's Input

10. Motion Period/Announcements

11. Adjournment