Archived County Council Agenda
Note: County Council meets every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month.

Richland County Council
Regular Session
November 21, 2000
6:00 p.m.

Call to Order


Presentation: Baseball Team Recognition

Adoption of Agenda

Citizen's Input

Approval of Minutes

Zoning Public Hearing: October 24, 2000 [Pages 2-6]

Approval of Consent Items

Report of County Attorney For Executive Session Matters

Report of County Administrator

a. Grievance

b. Council holiday meeting schedule

1. Third Reading Items

a. Amendment to the Richland County Code: Deletion of "facilities" in rural zones [CONSENT ITEM] [Page 7]

b. Amendment to the Richland County Code: Continuation of zoning applications [CONSENT ITEM] [Page 8]

c. Amendment to the Richland County Code: Buildings/ Lots to have access [CONSENT ITEM] [Pages 9-10]

d. Amendment to the Richland County Code: Certain plats exempt from Planning Commission review [CONSENT ITEM]
[Pages 11-12]

2. Second Reading Item

a. SpiralWeld Pipe Company LLC Ordinance [PUBLIC HEARING] [CONSENT ITEM] [PAGES 13-16]

b. Budget Amendment: Broad River Regional Enterprise Fund [CONSENT ITEM] [Pages 17-18]

c. County Elected Officials Pay Plan [Pages 19-20]

d. Budget Amendment - Solid Waste Tire Disposal Fee
[Pages 21-22]

3. First Reading Item (Both items recommended by Planning Commission)

a. Extension of Moratorium - Billboard Ordinance [Pages 23-24]

b. PDD - Text Amendment [Page 25]

4. Approval of Resolutions

a. Code Enforcement Officers appointments
(Anita K. Bender & Daryl W. Myers) [CONSENT ITEM] [Pages 26-27]

5. Report of Economic Development Committee

a. Recognition Resolution for Miller Valentine [Pages 28-29]

6. Report of Rules and Appointments Committee [Page 30]

a. Notification of vacancy on LRADAC Board -2

7. Citizen's Input

8. Motion Period/Announcements

9. Adjournment