Our Mission

We shall solicit and negotiate to obtain fair and reasonable prices, provide quality and effective support to customers, ensuring dependable source of supply, and maintaining an optimum balance of quality and cost to provide support to all, while maintaining the public's trust and fulfilling the policy and objectives of the county. This mission shall be achieved with cooperative and meaningful dialogue to positively impact goals and efforts of the county to provide quality services to all its citizens.

Posted Date Closing Date Type Description Status Download
4/12/20173/23/2018Qualified Contractor ListingsRC-036-Q-2017- Public Relations Agency ActiveDownload
11/3/201710/19/2018Notice of Intent to AwardRC-025-R-20170-Old McGraw Home Rehab Intent ActiveDownload
11/13/201712/13/2017Bid TabulationRC-023-B-2018 County Line Trail Bid Tab ActiveDownload
11/14/201712/14/2017Bid TabulationRC-026-B-2018 Hunters Run Ph 1 Road Repair Bid TabActiveDownload
11/14/201712/15/2017Penny Tax Solicitation InformationResurfacing Package N ActiveDownload
11/16/201712/15/2017Bid TabulationRC-029-B-2018 Crane Creek FS Gen-Tabulation ActiveDownload
11/22/201712/15/2017AlertAddendum 1 RC-032-B-2018 On Call Septic Tank Pump ActiveDownload
12/1/201711/1/2018Qualified Contractor ListingsRC-024-Q-2018 South Carolina Attorneys ActiveDownload
12/1/20171/1/2018Bid TabulationRC-037-P-2018 CDBG-DR Business Assistance Program ActiveDownload
12/1/20171/1/2018Bid TabulationRC-027-Q-2018 Buyout Demo Restore to Greenspace ActiveDownload
12/5/20171/2/2018AlertRC-041-R-2018-Dixie Ave-Addendum 001 ActiveDownload
12/5/201712/29/2017Notice of Intent to AwardRC-029-B-2018-Crane Creek FS Generator-Intent ActiveDownload
12/5/201712/15/2017NormalRC-036-P-2018 Addendum 1 ActiveDownload
12/6/201711/6/2018Bid TabulationAsbestos Testing, Monitoring and Clearance ActiveDownload
12/7/201712/29/2017AlertRC-039-B-2018-DC Ice Machine Addendum 001 ActiveDownload